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Halal Slaughter Certificate by JHA 2021-2022

                                                                            HHALAL SLAUGHTER CERTIFICATE (Aug 2021)-1.jpgHHALAL SLAUGHTER CERTIFICATE (Aug 2021)-2.jpg


Halal Certificate


Our A5 Wagyu Certificate

A5 QR CERT-1.jpgA5 QR CERT-2.jpg

Wagyu Health Certificate

  MYS-2021-110(AWAGYU Sep ①)-3.jpgMYS-2021-110(AWAGYU Sep ①)-4.jpg

MYS-2021-111 (AWAGYU Sep②) (1)-1.jpgMYS-2021-111 (AWAGYU Sep②) (1)-4.jpg

Cert of Miyazaki Gyu

Cert of Miyazaki gyu (AWAGYU 13 Sep).jpg

Tokushima Brand Overseas Affiliate Certificate

Tokushima Brand Overseas Affiliate Certificate.png

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