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Misuji (Oyster Blade) A5 Wagyu Halal Tokushima

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Misuji (Oyster Blade) A5 Tokushima 

   MISUJI ミスシ [霜降肉 ]                                             



TENDER ★★★★ FAT∶★★★                                          

The meat on the inside of the scapula of beef,                                   

the most advanced part of which is only about 1kg,                                         

 is so precious that it is even called "phantom part".                                         

The fat content is very rich, and you can feel the                                               

 fragrant and sweet taste of fat melting in the                                    

mouth like snowflakes in the mouth.


Why Buy From Us?
✅ Our Wagyu meat is the best for marbling, fat and meat colour, structure and taste!
✅ Certified Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu Meat
✅ 100% Full Blood A5 Japanese Wagyu Meat
✅ Ready Supply
✅ Come in Clean and Bacteria Free Vacuum Frozen Pack

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